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34 Years Like No Other

A one-of-a-kind product starts with a one-of-a-kind story. Inspired by art and the emotions it evokes, the Basu family set out to give customers something different. Products made with raw skill and unwavering passion, each infused with deep meaning and thoughtful craftsmanship. What they created was more than just a handbag: Wearable works of art that bring joy to the lives of those who carry them and to the artists who helped to create them, and with that, Anuschka was born in 1988.


We have come a long way. Now in our 35th year, we are so proud of what we have accomplished and the hard work of our team even during this difficult year.

Beautiful Beginnings

In 1988, the original storyteller Roma Basu, envisioned a world where art, function, and fashion fused as one. She wanted a way to connect the artisan with the consumer and tell stories through beautiful artwork and flawless leather accessories. Roma's talents coupled with her husband Swapan's eye for selecting premium leather cowhide and meticulously inspecting stitching, paved the way for something truly special. Together they developed a unique production process and hand painting technique that has been taught and passed down for generations, allowing Anushcka to stay true to its name, which means "like no other".

Made by Heads, Hearts, and Hands

Anuschka's quality leather handbags and accessories evoke curiosity and unite the artisan and wearer through the power of art. From hand-painted handbags to art applied shoes and umbrellas, each product captures the dedication and passion of the Basu family and their talented artists and craftsman.

Roma coaches the artisans daily, while Bhaskar is always working on the next artwork and collaborating with the design team to bring his ideas to life.

What they have created is a perfect combination of design, quality, wearability, and art.

Others have tried to replicate these unique masterpieces, but failed to capture the originality and precisions that go into crafting an authentic Anuschka item.

Our Purpose

For nearly 30 years, the Basu family has upheld its commitment to provide local villagers with the opportunity to earn a living using their skills. Adherence to Fair Trade policies insured their employees are paid higher wages than other similarly skilled workers in India and are offered comprehensive health insurance and retirement benefits. Champions for education the Basus promote learning for both their employees and their families.


We believe in doing things the right way. Quality art objects, respectfully and sustainably produced; creating beauty, meaning and wellbeing around the world. Every time you see an Anuschka promise icon, you know care and precision go into crafting an authentic Anuschka item.

Circle of Empowerment

You make this possible. When you purchase an Anuschka you become part of the company story, a part of the Anuschka Family, helping to better the lives of others.