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Tapati Dhar

Q. Describe your role at Anuschka?
A. I am responsible for art checking. I need to ensure that the art perfectly matches with the art samples.

Q. What’s your favorite part about working for Anuschka?
A. Anuschka’s good working environment, rules and regulations, non–violence and non–existence of political employee unions and tremendous support of seniors created the perfect place for a sheepish lady like me from a small village, who was struggling for a better livelihood in this big city.

“I am responsible for artwork checking. I need to ensure that the art perfectly matches with the original art sample."

Q. What 3 words would you use to describe the company?
A. Discipline, Non–violence and Art.

Q. How has working with Anuschka changed your life
A. Anuschka was absolutely a turning point in my life. It helped me to become financially stable to take care of my physically challenged husband and my two daughters’ upbringing and education. The pleasant working environment encouraged me to dedicate my entire working life over here. Moreover, when I had a heart problem and was critically ill the Company’s Medical Insurance gave me a new life by bearing the cost of the pacemaker and the hospital expenses. It was a blessing for my life.

Q. Which is your favourite Anuschka artwork and why?
A. My favourite art is the Midnight Peacock artwork. The beautiful colors displayed while the peacock spreads its colorful fancy tail, is a delight to the eyes.

Q. What kind of experience do you want a viewer or user of your art to have with their Anuschka product?
A. Looking at Anuschka products the viewers will feel happy, especially the beautiful colors and they will wish to possess all of them.

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